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City Profile - Ligao City, Albay
Infrastructure and Utilities

Road Network

Ligao City has a total road length of 237.36 kilometers, 66.75 kilometers of which are national roads, 43.96 kilometers are provincial roads, 9.17 kilometers are city roads and 117.48 kilometers of barangay roads.


Two cable television companies and four telephone companies operate within the city. Two courier services, a post office and two of the country's biggest cellular network providers (Smart and Globe) and an FM radio station (DZRH Radio Natin) also operate within the city providing the communication needs of the people.

Water Supply

Ligao City Water District serves a total of 3,197 households in the urban area collected from 23 spring sources. Springs are the major source of water for human consumption, irrigation, aquatic resources and agri-industrial use. Almost 90 percent of water supply is sourced from spring, the rest of the needs are taken from ground water. Ground water has been unreliable both in supply and quality due to lowering of groundwater level as well as the presence of chemicals in the ground.


There are 13 private pre-schools located in the urban barangays. This is not to mention the pre-schools integrated in the public school system in the elementary schools located in Ligao West Central School, Ligao East Central School and in Pandan Elementary School. These three elementary schools are under the Model of Excellence Program prescribed by the Harrington Foundation. Pre-school education is also being offered in 74 day care centers situated in 55 barangays citywide manned by day care volunteers hired by the City Government. All the teaching materials in the day care centers are provided free by the local government.

The public elementary schools of Ligao City are covered by two school districts - the West and East District. The West District covers 20 schools while the East District is composed of 27 schools. There are four private elementary schools in the city.

The city is operating and maintaining the Ligao Community College. Having no facilities of its own, the college  is using the school facilities of the Ligao National High School. Courses offered include Bachelor of Science major in PEHM, English, Math, Economics, Political Science and Associate in Arts. Computer courses such as Computer Secretarial and Computer Technician are being offered by two privately-run technical schools, the Albay Institute of Technology and the Mayon Institute of Science and Technology. The Information Technology Center located at the Ligao National High School compound offers free computer courses to the city's constituents. The curriculum is TESDA accredited and the graduates are presented with TESDA certificates.

Source: City Planning and Development Office, Ligao City and

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Comment posted by Delfin, 01/17/2011 at 1:22am (UTC):
Hi, As far as I know the above notes need arevision since ligao city has now 3 district for the elemtary which is the south district and for the high schools is divided into clusters... please verify this with the deped ligao city division office.. thanks..

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