City Government Of Ligao
  City Government

Municipality/City: CITY OF LIGAO

City Government of Ligao
Photo Courtesy by: Geco Imperial

Region REGION V (Bicol Region) Code 050000000
Province ALBAY Code 050500000


Code 050508000
Income Classification: 4th Class Registered Voters (2007): 51,466
Urban/Rural: Partially Urban Population : (as of Aug 1, 2007): 101,179
District: 3rd  
Barangays (Number: 55)
Name Code Urban/Rural Population
(as of Aug 1, 2007)
Abella 050508001 Rural 1107
Allang 050508002 Rural 1380
Amtic 050508003 Rural 1942
Bacong 050508004 Rural 1703
Bagumbayan 050508005 Rural 2518
Balanac 050508006 Rural 644
Baligang 050508007 Rural 1317
Barayong 050508008 Rural 2405
Basag 050508009 Rural 1799
Batang 050508010 Rural 3234
Bay 050508011 Rural 1297
Binanowan 050508012 Rural 1061
Binatagan (Pob.) 050508013 Rural 2817
Bobonsuran 050508014 Rural 565
Bonga 050508015 Rural 2780
Busac 050508016 Rural 1029
Busay 050508017 Rural 1135
Cabarian 050508018 Rural 2530
Calzada (Pob.) 050508019 Rural 1435
Catburawan 050508020 Rural 1560
Cavasi 050508021 Rural 748
Culliat 050508022 Rural 668
Dunao 050508023 Rural 799
Francia 050508024 Rural 828
Guilid 050508025 Urban 3625
Herrera 050508026 Rural 2371
Layon 050508027 Rural 2669
Macalidong 050508028 Rural 1144
Mahaba 050508029 Rural 3072
Malama 050508030 Rural 1799
Maonon 050508031 Rural 2916
Nasisi 050508032 Rural 1749
Nabonton 050508033 Rural 1689
Oma-oma 050508034 Rural 1623
Palapas 050508035 Rural 1618
Pandan 050508036 Rural 3743
Paulba 050508037 Rural 2627
Paulog 050508038 Rural 2354
Pinamaniquian 050508039 Rural 1815
Pinit 050508040 Rural 2158
Ranao-ranao 050508042 Rural 1463
San Vicente 050508043 Rural 685
Santa Cruz (Pob.) 050508044 Urban 2583
Tagpo 050508045 Rural 837
Tambo 050508046 Rural 1116
Tandarora 050508047 Rural 469
Tastas 050508048 Rural 1981
Tinago 050508049 Urban 4767
Tinampo 050508050 Rural 2656
Tiongson 050508051 Rural 660
Tomolin 050508052 Rural 1478
Tuburan 050508053 Urban 4385
Tula-tula Grande 050508054 Rural 1724
Tula-tula Pequeño 050508055 Rural 1223
Tupas 050508056 Rural 879



1. Figures on registered voters are partial data from Commission on Elections (COMELEC) which may still be subject to corrections/adjustments from their field offices

2. Figures on registered voters exclude data on absentee voters.

3. Figures on registered voters are as of April 20, 2007.

4. PSGC Information are as of 31 December 2008.

5. Income Classification based on Department of Finance Department Order No.20-05 Effective July 29, 2005.

6. Urban/rural classification based on 2000 CPH, Report No. 4 Urban Population, National Statistics Office, June 2006.

7.Legislative District Source: Records and Statistics Division, Commission on Elections (COMELEC): As of May 2008.

8. Population (as of August 1, 2007): a) Total Population Count by Region, Province, City/Municipality and Barangay as of August 1, 2007 ; b) Population of Highly Urbanized Cities (HUCs) are excluded in the total population of their respective provinces but are included in the regional total; and c) Population of barangays with boundary disputes are excluded in total population of their respective municipalities and cities but are included in the provincial and regional total. Source: 2007 Census of Population: National Statistics Office (NSO).

9. Population counts for the regions do not add up to national total (88,574,614). Source: National Statistics Office (NSO)



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